Thursday, 25 August 2011


Top Left: 'Wounded Waves' Right:'Dweller's Pinnacle'
Bottom Left: 'Untitled (Landscape) Right: 'Untitled (Landscape)

I found these two great artists on the Society6 website, and just thought they were really quirky and inspiring. I also like the fact that all of these works are Fine Art prints on Cotton. 

Here is the description alongside them: 'Fine art print on bright white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using an advanced digital dry ink method to ensure vibrant image quality.' 

I thought that they were pretty eye catching and the prints are a very affordable price too. 

Joseph Trotto - I'm intrigued by the graphical and linear quality of his work, I found the line construction and collage element really cool. More work here..

Tchmo - I like the use of colour, collage, and digital manipulation of the pictures. You get an overall sense of looking at a mountain scene, but also the vibrancy and correspondence of colours. I love this one, 'Untitled (Landscape) 20100401 in paticular. check out some more work here..

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Taking a fancy to all things adidas, retro or wannabe? I can't decide but I'm having a liking for the oversized tees, like Anja Konstantinova, shot by Rene Vaile for 'Oyster' magazine... new style adidas sweatshirts and practical hi tops. Black and white has also been on my mind, like the lovely Daria Werbowy, cloudwatching and the 'Missoni 98-99 ad', as well as peter pan collars and mysterious collar motifs..

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Having read a recent article from the Daily Telegraph, interviewing Kate Moss about her wedding and the notorious Galliano Gown, I found that her comment about her being, "so romantic about gypsies," prompted some really scathing reader comments. I was astonished at how rude some people were about such an off the cuff comment. Personally I am all for gypsy style, bohemian fashions, and I presume that that is all she meant by those words. Fashion and design to me, is all  about fun, quirky and often whimsical inspirations. Old fashioned 'Romany' Gypsy style is something I am fascinated by; from the floral tendencies to the floaty ephemerality of some of their beautifully handcrafted clothing. As an outsider, obviously I know very little about the complex history and traditions associated with their culture , but I think their clothing and style can be really interesting and inspiring. 

I found a shoot that, conveniently, featured the fabulous Kate, from a 2009 edition of 'V' Magazine. Although not strictly Romany gypsies, I love the bohemian clothes and especially the gypsy caravan. It reminds me of the beauty of Giffords Circus, a travelling 'village green' circus, with a magical big top, bringing gypsy traditions back to life in the form of romantic and tragic tales, from War and Peace to the story of 'Yasmine'...

I also found some stunning photos of real 'Eastern Carpathian' Romany gypsies by the photographer Ferenc Tobak. The photos show a really unique insight into the tough but beautifully colourful life of a gypsy...running away with the circus seems ever more appealing...